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How To Survive Holiday with children - If you are a parent, like - for travel with kids behind you ... boring, because there is a better word. Not that this is not a fun thing to do sometimes, but on holiday with children requires much more planning if you want to travel with an adult. Friends and family members will not mourn for no reason (eg, livestock or bed hungry is a good reason), a tantrum when it gets too cold or crazy for wildlife by running without warning.

Solving the transportation problem - traveling more than five children behind him is a horrible experience so if there is a possibility, using a rented bus. And with good transport problems solved and out of the way, you can concentrate on other things like diapers, food, milk, candy and toys to keep kids busy. Moving is usually the biggest problem for the group traveling with children, breaking and concentrate on other things.

Do not stress and go with the flow - Use your sense of humor like armor. A strong armor against the possibility of damaging the whole vacation just because everyone is sweating the small stuff. Yes, something must be wrong, if you use a bus rental or decide to move alone, but usually things do not go as planned "is not worth the effort. Think of the alternatives and distract children when they started to get nervous.

Planning helps - Do not envy those who can go places without the need to plan? They do not know where to spend the night, appeared in the first restaurant to see them without worrying about hygiene when they have a baby seat. Well, not for kids backpack even though we’ve heard from some people to rent a bus and go right. In general, the planning ahead of time really helps keep things under control.

Divert divert divert attention - While you may be well to fight a lot of people queuing in long lines at the front desk recommended a restaurant or go to an amusement park, children of different a different story . So, play smart. Grab a big bag and place of colored pencils, paper, toys, games and other things that can distract children. U-Haul Wonders. Just remember to take the bus if you use a rented bus.

Get a head start - not too late to emphasize to people about something that is so, the smart thing to do is get a head start. Getting up early, plan ahead, ahead of time. If you are a parent, you are familiar with your child’s nap ... arrange travel around and not usually snack time, do not expect that all children are cheerful and happy if given the usual snack ... timely. On the bus if there is a time and place to do it.

Last but not least, pick your battles, do not sweat the small stuff and go with the flow. Sometimes, the Zen during the trip, since it is the only way to travel with healthy children.

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Dikirim pada 10 September 2011 di Holiday
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