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What to Take on Your Winter Sun Holiday, Travel Accessory Ideas - If you are lucky enough to be jetting off on a winter sun holiday this year you will definitely have thought about the essentials: tickets, passport, clothes etc., so here are a few useful items you might not have thought about. Holiday Forum

Why not take a leather travel pouch otherwise known as a bum bag? Bum bags went out of fashion in the late 90s but over the last few years, they have started to make a comeback. And thank goodness! A leather travel pouch is undoubtedly the best way to carry your money and all your important travel documents while abroad. As well as being waterproof and extremely durable, leather accessories are always a stylish choice. Whatís more, a travel pouch allows you to keep your passport and hard earned cash away from opportunists and pickpockets but also within easy reach.

Are you sick of being an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes and other insects on holiday? Do you find that insect repellent sprays donít work for you? Then I would definitely recommend an electronic mosquito repellent. They emit a high frequency sound to repel mosquitoes and other insects and come on a handy key ring that can be attached to a belt, your keys or your headboard while sleeping. What makes electronic mosquito repellents so great is that they are completely chemical free. There is no unpleasant smell or itchiness and they are ideal for those with sensitive skin.

A plastic pouch on a neck strap is also a fantastic idea for holidays. Simply slip it round your neck and keep your phone, purse, iPod or camera safe and protected from any water. These are ideal for going sailing, fishing, to the beach or pool, hiking or even just for when itís raining. These are available in several different colours.

Many of us love sunbathing but it can sometimes be hard to tell how long we can safely stay out in the sun. A skincare UV intensity detector is a fantastic little device. It indicates the strength of the sunís UV rays; the higher the index i.e. the stronger the UV rays, the less time we can safely be out in the sun. The device comes with a key ring, allowing you to easily carry it around, check the UV levels and know when itís time to call it a day! Indonesia Holiday

Standing at baggage reclaim at the airport waiting for my suitcase to appear, I am often plagued by that niggling worry: what if my case has gone missing? Back2you luggage tags certainly donít stop that from crossing my mind but at least now I feel reassured knowing that if they my suitcase does go missing, it can be easily found.

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Dikirim pada 23 Agustus 2011 di Holiday
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